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Research Herbarium for Plant Biosystematics

The Allen Herbarium for Plant Biosystematics is a Nationally Significant Collection, with several associated databases, hosted by Landcare Research. The Plant Names Database lists over 36,000 names, including synonyms and incorrectly applied names. The database indicates which of the names are preferred for use at the Allan Herbarium (CHR), and provides information on the biostatus and the authorship of the taxa. It contains data for lichens, liverworts, hornworts, mosses, ferns, freshwater algae and seed plants in New Zealand. The Specimen Database is used to store and retrieve herbarium specimen information and to generate specimen labels. It currently contains over 150,000 records, or approximately 25% of the specimens in the herbarium. Information from the Plant Names Database and parts of the Specimen Database are available online at Nga Tipu Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants.

The All New Zealand Species Database contains a list of all vascular plant species recorded as present in New Zealand. The database currently lists records for approximately 28 000 species and 7000 synonyms. These records are derived from a wide range of sources including the Allan Herbarium, horticultural societies, nursery catalogues, botanic gardens, arboreta, and published literature. This database is mainly used by the Plant Biodiversity and Biosecurity Information Services as a tool to help determine whether a species has been recorded in New Zealand.


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