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New Zealand Arthropod Collection and Specimen and Information Database

There are several databases associated with the Nationally Significant Arthropod Collection, hosted by Landcare Research.

NZACbugs contains information on specimens in NZAC and species present in New Zealand. Because of the large number of specimens in the collection, this part is restricted to groups that are considered to be of special importance or have been recently revised, e.g., type-specimens, wetas, orchard leafrollers, and Fauna of New Zealand revisions. There are more than 19000 records representing about 40000 specimens of 3000 species. Parts of this information are available as Web documents (images of Lepidoptera type specimens; genera of Coleoptera and Hymenoptera in NZAC; specimen records as meta-data points on the Landcare Research's GUILD GIS Web program).

BUGS is a bibliographic database of 16000 records on New Zealand terrestrial invertebrates, covering the period 1775-1993. This has been published on CD-ROM and is available from Manaaki Whenua Press.

Pacific is a database of information on species of the Pacific, created in collaboration with UNDP / FAO-SPEC. Distribution information is being made available by Landcare Research on the SPC/FAO Web.


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