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The New Zealand Land Cover Database (LCDB)

The New Zealand Land Cover Database (LCDB) is digital map of New Zealand, showing the land cover grouped into the following nine major land cover classes.

  • Exotic forest
  • Exotic shrubland
  • Native forest
  • Native vegetation
  • Other native land cover
  • Primarily horticulture
  • High-producing exotic grassland
  • Low-producing exotic grassland
  • Artificial surfaces

The LCDB uses satellite images to define polygons for areas with similar land cover types. The land use classifications for the polygons are then stored in a spatial database that can be used for mapping. The Land Cover Database version 2 uses images of land cover from 1996-97 and 2001-02.

The LCDB is freely available for public use, licenced by the Ministry for the Environment under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

A presentation about LCDB III by Andrea Brandon is available as part of the 2010 National Workshop resources.


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