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The Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit (Formak)

The Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit (Formak) web site forms part of a monitoring kit designed for immediate use by land owners, landcare groups, community groups and other "hands on" users interested in assessing the condition of New Zealand native forest ecosystems. The FORMAK project was undertaken by PA Handford & Associates Ltd with support from the Sustainable Management Fund, which is administered by the Ministry for the Environment.


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ECan Forest Monitoring Data in Formak

Environment Canterbury has begun monitoring forest restoration projects in association with Christchurch City Council staff on CCC reserves in the Port Hills, and at a number of private conservation covenant areas on Banks Peninsula. Formak (Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit), was chosen as the repository and framework for collecting, storing and reporting on the forests.

FORMAK offers a standardised data collection and recording system that also has quick, simple reporting and analysis capacity. Using Formak has the additional benefit that data can be shared nationally, eg for state of environment monitoring and reporting purposes.