Biodata Management Guide

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Freshwater Biodata Information System

The Freshwater Biodata Information System (FBIS) hosted by NIWA contains fish, algae, aquatic plant and invertebrate data and metadata gathered from New Zealand's freshwater streams, rivers and lakes.

February 2010: DoC has asked NIWA to undertake an audit of FBIS, and conduct a user needs survey on how we can improve its functionality and utility.

FBIS data is also available as a layer on NIWA's Freshwater Information New Zealand GIS system.

The report from a work session at the 2010 National Workshop is available to view.

Dataversity public discussion group topic about FBIS.


FBIS administratorNIWA
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Auckland New Zealand
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Marlborough Fresh Water Fish Data in FBIS

Marlborough District Council stores all its fresh water fish data in FBIS.

Environmental Scientist Pete Hamill says that "the big advantage is that all the metadata decisions have been made. The forms give you the details that you need to fill in."