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Cawthron Archival and Data Delivery Information System (CADDIS-Fly)

The Cawthron Archival and Data Delivery Information System (CADDIS) is an Access database built and adapted by Paul Barter of  Cawthron Institute with specific versions (CADDIS-Fly) for Horizons, West Coast and Hawke’s Bay Regional Councils.

CADDIS is based on a biometric and chemical water quality database built by Cawthron. The Cawthron database was identified by the three regional councils as being a suitable design to fit data the councils held. The CADDIS-Fly versions are modifications of that database, transferred to the regional councils under a Medium Advice Envirolink grant. You can read more about CADDIS-Fly in this project progress report written by James Lambie of Horizons in June 2008.

The CADDIS-Fly versions and the data within them remain the property of the
respective regional councils. The data is structured in such a way that data can be
transferred to national databases if desired.

A presentation on CADDIS-Fly is available to view as part of the 2010 National Workshop resources. 

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Paul BarterCawthron Institute
98 Halifax Street East
Nelson New Zealand
work (64) 3 539 3272

Council Case Studies

CADDIS-Fly is used by the following councils.

  • Environment Southland
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Hawkes Bay Regional Council
  • Horizons
  • Nelson City Council
  • West Coast Regional Council