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Inform a Resource Consent Process

Use Case

Three Circle Supermarkets (TCS) applies to the HUC for a Resource Consent application to build a supermarket that may have some biodiversity impacts. HUC staff process and approve the application, and monitor compliance with its conditions.

Three Circle Supermarkets Prepares a Resource Consent Application

Three Circle Supermarkets (TCS) is applying for a resource consent to build a new supermarket. TCD knows that the application needs to conform to the requirements set out in the Hinterland Hinterland Unitary Council's District Plan. The regulations require that proposed activities have environmental impact assessments. TCS has contracted this work to consulting firm EcoWork.

For their report, EcoWork need access to biodiversity data relevant to the location of the proposed supermarket. They want to load these data into their own information systems to test various scenarios before lodging the consent.

Further information:

Process a Resource Consent Application

As part of their resource consent application, TCS is to provide their proposal with relevant data and information to the HUC for consideration. Trevor, the Planning Manager, has asked Brian to provide some data about the ecosystems and species that might be affected by the proposed development. Brian needs to integrate the applicant's data into data and information already within the Council's systems to expedite consideration and public consultation.

Monitor Impacts of a Resource Consent

The resource consent for the TCS supermarket is granted but conditions include the requirement that TCS regularly monitor the state of the biodiversity. TCS must report to HUC so that the Council and the public can see the trends and that the effects are being appropriately avoided, remedied or mitigated.