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2011 National Dataversity Workshop: Shared Data, Linked Systems

Monday 25 July 2011
9:00AM - 5:00PM
LINZ Level 11
Lambton House
160 Lambton Quay

No fee. Lunch and morning and afternoon tea provided (but not dinner, sorry).

Thanks to our Sponsors

This Workshop is possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors:

Venue kindly sponsored by NZ Geospatial Office.


The following documents are available.


This workshop aims to provide awareness, ideas, contacts and collaborations that will help you find cost-effective ways to improve biodata management. It will address biodata standards and management frameworks, modular and interoperable shared systems, and national systems and services.

Partipants from all sectors involved with biodiversity and biosecurity data management are invited to participate.


To register or find out more, please email Dan Randow, Dataversity Facilitator.

To keep informed about biodata trends in New Zealand join Dataversity Public Discussion.


Subject to confirmation.

9:00 Introductions

9:30 Biodata Project Updates

  • Sector-wide Biodata Initiatives
    • Julian Carver, SeradigmNZOR, NZ Weeds Distribution Database, Biodiversity portal, NGO Shared Portal.
  • All-of-Government Data Initiatives
  • Landcare Research Biodata Projects
    • Nick Spencer — NVS, NZOR, NZBRN...
  • NIWA Biodata Projects
  • Ministry for the Environment
    • Karl Majorhazi — LCDB III

Brief discussion.

10:30 Morning Tea

11:00 Biodata Project Update

  • DOC Biodata Projects
    • Ana Cotter — NHMS.
  • Monitoring Standards Framework
    • Tim Park
  • 11:20 IRIS
    • Derek Postlewaight
  • EBoP System Projects
    • Jim Fretwell — EBoP/AC Biodiversity system.
    • Jim Fretwell and Pedro Jensen — EBoP/GW Biosecurity system.
  • Environment Waikato Biodata Work
    • Derek Phyn
  • Auckland Council's BioMap
    • Holly Cox and Jack Craw
  • NZ Plant Conservation Network
    • John Sawyer — data holdings, data capture for native plants and weeds, national phenology recording system, and  flora mapping system.
  • Biodata Management Framework
    • Dan Randow

Brief discussion.

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Work Sessions

Parallel workshops to progress areas of common interest.

  • Shared standards, processes and protocols.
  • Collaborative system development.
  • National infrastructure

Reports back, discussion.

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Address from the Dataversity Steering Team

  • James Lambie, Steering Team Chair — steering team membership, links with related organisations, activities and plans.

15:40 Emerging Opportunities

Where to Next? Things are moving ahead quickly. How can we ride this wave to we push biodata management forward even faster? Can we find new ways to solve old problems, or cunning ways to exploit new opportunities?

16:30 Actions & Closing

17:00 Break

19:00 Dinner