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About Dataversity

Dataversity is a community of biodiversity and biosecurity data practitioners from local government, the Department of Conservation, CRIs and other government and non-government organisations.

Participants share knowledge and tools to benefit their own practice, and to increase the potential to share data to support biodiversity management nationally and globally.

Dataversity was established by Dan Randow of OnlineGroups.Net and Local Government Online Limited, in a project funded by the Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System (TFBIS) Programme.

Purpose of Dataversity

The Dataversity Charter defines the aim of Dataversity as to improve the cost-effectiveness of biodiversity and biosecurity data-management and increase the potential for data-sharing, by facilitating the coordination of biodata practices and systems at three levels:

  1. between local government organisations,
  2. between local government, the Department of Conservation, CRIs and other parts of the NZ biodata sector, and
  3. between the NZ biodata sector and other parts of the NZ environmental science sector.

Structure of Dataversity

Participation of Dataversity members is voluntary. Membership of Dataversity is open to everyone interested in biodiversity and biosecurity data management in New Zealand.

Steering Team

The Steering Team is established by its Terms of Reference as a subgroup of the Regional Council Biodiversity Forum.

The role of the Steering Team is to:

  • determine the strategy for Dataversity,
  • maintain participation in Dataversity,
  • obtain resources for Dataversity, and
  • engage Dataversity with related organisations.

Membership of the steering team includes representation from local government, the Department of Conservation and Landcare Research, and from organisations outside government.


If you are interested in participating in this project, please do any or all of the following.